Starting a Business

What led to me starting my business and partnering with LifeVantage and what they have to offer!

Becca Smith

5/26/20234 min read

I recently partnered with a publicly traded company called LifeVantage that is expanding the distribution of breakthrough technologies that slow the aging process down at a cellular level in the inside and the on outside of the body. Sounds pretty amazing, right?! I thought so too which is why I really went into the weeds checking this company out. If you had told me last year when I was looking for a next step with my career that I would end up starting my own business I would have thought you were crazy! That just never entered my thought process as an option, for whatever reason.

Then, at my high school reunion of all places, I ran into a woman I hadn’t seen or spoken with since high school and she and I got to talking. I talked about my career frustration and desire to do something in the health and wellness space but to overall have more control over my life. She had a possible solution for me. So for the next couple of months I talked with her and others within the organization many times and asked so many questions. They were amazing and very patient with me. Ultimately, through all these conversations and the additional information I got about the company and the products I decided to sign up as a distributor.

Yes, this is a network marketing/ multilevel marketing organization. No, it is not a pyramid scheme (because those are illegal) it is a publicly traded company that has been around since 2003. One thing that sets this company apart from other “supplement” companies, and I use the work supplement in “ “ because these are more in the realm of antiaging and biohacking products, is the peer reviewed science behind them.

These products have over 30 peer reviewed studies that have been performed at multiple universities around the country that show that they work and not only do they work the sometimes outperform pharmaceuticals. This is UNHEARD OF in the non-pharmaceutical world. Let me caveat this by saying that we in no way make any claims that these products can be used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease states. This is what sold it for me, the evidence backing the products. And what is even better is that they’re all natural products, formulated in the correct ratio to produce this result. I personally believe in the products and take many of them myself. I want everyone to know about them! If you want to read more of the data click the button below or you can search on with terms like “oxidative stress,” “Protandim,” and “NRF2” to find what additional information you’re after. To search the connection of oxidative stress to any health concern, simply go to and type in “Oxidative Stress Health Issue” (ie: Oxidative Stress Cancer, Oxidative Stress Diabetes) etc.

So what do they do? Ok, here’s a quick explanation on the science as well as a link to a more in depth video if you want more information. The flaghsip product is called Protandim. It is a combination of herbs that activate your cell’s own NRF2 antioxidant pathway to function at a higher capacity, providing exponentially more relief from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the underlying cause of the aging process. Ever leave a piece of fruit out and watch it brown? That’s happening because of oxidative stress. This process causes cells to age, break down, and die. These products help slow down and sometimes REVERSE that process which is why it’s part of the anti-aging space.

They have taken this technology and expanded it into skin care, hair care, collagen, drink mixes for energy and focus, gut health, vitamins, and a bunch more cool things, including relief from oxidative stress for your furry friend in the form of Petandim! There are some amazing stories from pet owners on how this helped their fur baby. Check out the button below to see all the available products. There is also a great customer rewards program if you decide you like something.

There are a lot of perks to becoming a consultant, one of which is getting the products for yourself at a discounted price. More than that though there is a great business opportinuty to create something of your own that YOU have total control over. No, this is not my full time gig, most people who do this do it on the side, but I fit it into the nooks and crannies of my life when I can. I get a side stream of income and a chance to help people in a different way from my primary job.

If you have an interest in starting a business that allows you to make your own schedule and put products out into the world that you really believe in and that can really make a difference in people’s lives, send me an email.